Joe Richetti

Joe Richetti was born on 22 Mar 1899, in Freemont County, Rockvale, Colorado. He was the oldest of 6 Richetti children. Little is
known about Joe's young life other than he grew up with the 3 older DeMatte children by his mother's first marriage.  Joe
eventually married Bess (Lillian Mae) Warren on 22 Dec 1919 in Broken Arrow Oklahoma. The couple moved from Pennsylvania
in 1925 after a mining accident that caused him to lose his left leg. They eventually settled in Bolivar Missouri settling at 304
Summit Rd.    Joe used his talents for tinkering with engines & welding skills to help earn extra money until he eventually found
full-time employment as a mechanic at the Bitzer Chevrolet garage in Bolivar, Missouri.  Joe and Bess had two children, Warren
F, and Betty F.

Joe had been involved with his youngest brother Adam on more than one occasion, most often not by choice. On January 12,
1933 Adam along with Aussie Elliot whom he had met while in McAlester State Penn, John L. Moore, and Edgar Dunbar robbed
the bank near Springfield, Missouri of $3,000. They eventually ended up at Joe's place in Bolivar.

The most noted involvement in the small town of Bolivar, Mo., came on June 16, 1933. Joe's brother Adam and his partner
Charles "Pretty Boy" Floyd had stolen a car on June 8th from the Excelsior school district, four miles north of Cromwell,
Oklahoma. By the time they arrived in Bolivar at Earnest Bitzer's Garage where Joe worked the 1933 Pontiac Coupe was in tow
and in need of repair.

After Adam and Charles greeted Joe and talking for a while to Mr. Bitzer, Joe began to work on the car. Sheriff Killingsworth had
parked his car about a half a block from the Bitzer garage that morning leaving his weapons behind. Between 7:10 and 7:15 he
had entered the garage with the intent of having some work done on his car. As he walked into the garage he saw the manager .
Ernest Bitzer talking to an individual that the Sheriff didn't know at the time but was to later identify as Charles Floyd. Adam
familiar with the sheriff from previous visits to Bolivar became alarmed when he spotted Jack Killingsworth giving Floyd the once
over, Adam reached into the Pontiac and brought out a handy submachine gun that had been hidden beneath a blanket on the
back seat. "That's the law", Adam shouted to Charles Floyd. Adam then waved the weapon at the sheriff and the others. "Line up
against that wall. If you try to get away, we will kill you." Adam herded the three mechanics and three salesmen into a corner.
Bitzer Garage Mechanics
Then he turned the gun toward the sheriff, but Joe jumped in
front of Jack Killingsworth. "If you're going to shoot the sheriff,
you'll have to shoot me first," Joe told his brother. Adam had
been drinking early that morning and at this time told Joe to let
the Sheriff leave. As Killingsworth was about to step out the
door, Floyd yelled, "Take one more step and I'll kill you." Angry
and confused Adam cursed and threatened the terrified men
until Charles Floyd quieted him down. It had taken them about
30 minutes to figure out what they were going to do and at 7:45
with Charles Floyd standing guard, Adam wanting to getaway
quickly, was about to steal the Sheriff's car when he noticed
his brother's new 1933, cream colored, Chevrolet, 4 door
sedan just across the street. Adam decided the newer car
would make a better escape vehicle. After filling the tank at the
dealership, Floyd forced the Sheriff into the front seat at the
point of a machine gun, and got in the back on the passenger
side. Once inside the car Adam began to drive and had asked
the Sheriff, "You know the road out of here, get us out of here."
the Sheriff had then asked, "Where do you want to go?", Floyd
and Adam had told him Kansas City, and then the Sheriff told
them, "Turn north."
Shortly thereafter other law enforcement personnel interviewed Joe Richetti, and he confirmed that his brother Adam and his partner
Charles Floyd had kidnapped the Sheriff and stolen his car. He was torn by mixed emotion, and regret that his brother had been
involved in such a ruthless affair, and fear that his brother would be killed. He had also urged everyone else in the garage not to talk to
freely as he was fearful that Adam and his partner would come back.

Eventually when the press found out about this they wanted to interview Joe, and he refused to mention a word about this. Later on
when the press had gathered to take a picture of everyone involved in the Bitzer garage that day, Joe also refused to be a part of that
picture. He told the members of the press that even if they laid a $1,000 bill on the table for him, he still would not do it.

The town of Bolivar was in an uproar. Over 300, many local law enforcement officers gathered a large posse and chased after the men
that had kidnapped their sheriff. Jack Killingsworth's wife was in a panic, and awaiting any news. She lived by the telephone. Joe
Richetti remained silent, and alone. He was fearful of his brothers actions, and ashamed for what his brother had done. Sheriff Curtis
telephoned the municipal airport and enlisted C.R. Downing and George Prescott of the Ozark Airways in an air search. Detectives
Oren Brown and Tom Persell accompanied them in their plane in a search that took them to Seldalia.

Meanwhile back at the Bitzer Garage, the sleek 1933 Pontiac coupe which the pair had left behind was spattered with mud, as if it had
traveled through back roads at high speed and a front fender was dented. The coupe bore Oklahoma license plates no. 154-637, and
in a baggage compartment officers found hidden another pair of plates, Oklahoma, no. 106-637. Rewards totaling approximately
$6000 have been posted in Oklahoma, Missouri and Ohio for Floyds's and Richetti's capture, dead or alive.

During the next couple of years Joe continued to keep his family focused on their normal daily routine despite the notoriety and
distraction his brother had created.  Joe had tried to help his younger sister Eva during her time of need also.  He had been in touch
with his brother's and sister's in Oklahoma and Ohio trying to keep tabs on Adam and his exploits.  During the first part of August 1934
Special Agents returned to Bolivar to interview Sheriff Jack Killingsworth regarding Joe and his relationship with his brother Adam and
Floyd.  On 11 Aug 1934, special agents HE Andersen and VF Toslnor interviewed Sheriff Jack Killingsworth about 6 miles west of
Bolivar,  Missouri regarding his relationship with Floyd and Adam.  Sheriff Killingsworth requested the meeting outside of town fearing
that the town was so small that everyone would know what was going on if the agents came into town.  He also requested of the
agents not to interview anyone else in town as that would create further speculation as to what was going on.  The agents questioned
the Sheriff why he had informed the press that Floyd was a perfect gentleman and why he did not report his release by Adam and Floyd
promptly to authorities but only to his wife at the time.  He relayed to the agents that because of his personal fears and the
consequences to his family that may happen from Adam's kinfolk in town taking retaliation caused him to be guarded.

He also filled the agents in on Joe Richetti, that he was employed in the Chevrolet garage in Bolivar and that he is regarded as a good
citizen and that he is positive that Joe was aware of the whereabouts of Adam and Floyd at all times.  Jack also cautioned the agents
that it would be to no avail to interview Joe as he himself has never been able to secure any information from him directly.

The Sheriff then relayed that there was a man in Bolivar who does furnish information to him and upon whom he could rely upon and
has been very friendly with Joe and his wife Bess, especially close with Joe's wife.  During the first week of August 1934 Joe had
returned from a visit with his sister Eva at Seminole, Oklahoma and that apparently while at Seminole, Oklahoma, Joe had received
information from his sister Eva that his wife and her gentleman friend had been together at Seminole having a good time together.  Joe
returned to Bolivar and according to information which had come to the Sheriff, Joe had accused his wife of infidelity and late in the
night, while greatly enraged, told his wife that he was going to Kansas City to get Adam and Floyd in order that they might kill the
supposed paramour.  According to the Sheriff, Joe's wife stopped him and then told this information to her male friend who in turn
relayed this to Sheriff Killingsworth.  It was then that Joe had invited Sheriff Killingsworth to travel to Kansas City to meet up with the
"boys".  The informant who was a truck driver was out of town at the time in Memphis, Tennesee.

Sheriff Killingsworth also informed the agents that Joe Richetti had recently approached him asking that he accompany Joe to
Oklahoma on a visit.  Joe informed him that the "boys" had some money they wanted to give him and that Adam and Floyd desired to
return to Bolivar.  Sheriff Killingsworth advised Joe that he did not want any money belonging to Floyd and Adam and was at a loss to
understand why they should desire to give him any.  Sheriff Killingsworth then advised Joe that he could pass the word on that Floyd
and Adam should stay away from Bolivar and he wanted nothing to do with them and that he was not interested in the apprehension of
either of them.  

Shortly after the above interview the FBI had placed surveillance on him in order to find out his brother's whereabouts.

Once Adam had been captured and sentenced to prison Joe visited him from time to time throughout those few brief years.  On
October 5th 1938, Joe and his brother Dave had visited Adam for the last time.  The next day he was scheduled to be executed  During
Adam's execution Joe and Dave spent the night in town.    They did not attend nor witness the execution as Adam had requested that
they not be present.

Joe and Dave claimed Adam's body which was returned to Bolivar, Missouri, under the supervision of the Polk County Sheriff, Harry D.
Butler, and the funeral director of the Butler Funeral Home, Mr. Willard B. Erwin. There in the Butler Funeral Home services were held
with Joe Richetti presiding. Adam Richetti was buried at the Greenwood Cemetery in Bolivar, Missouri on October 10, 1938. The
funeral was attended by over three thousand people. His small, nondescript tombstone, rests alone, the adjoining plots remain empty
to this day. Joe Richetti listed Adam's occupation as a mechanic on the funeral record.
Left:  Stolen Car Floyd and Adam left behind.  Right Scene at Bitzer's Garage.
Joe's life had been painfully impacted by his younger brother Adam. Joe died in Oct. 1978, and is buried at the  Cochrans Grove
Cemetery, Windsor Shelby, IL   Bess Warren Ricchetti born May 30, 1906, died Aug 6 1961 at 55 years old.  She is buried at the
Cummings Cemetary in Maud, Oklahoma.
Joe and Bess's children went on to have successful careers and families

Warren F. Ricchetti  was born in 1927 and went on to graduate from the University of Oklahoma in 1960.  He received his Doctorate
in Anatomic/Clinical Pathology medicine and was certified by the American Board of Pathology.. After a successful career Warren
passed away in 1991 at age 64.

Betty went on  teaching at Jefferson Junior High School in Mattoon, Illinois for 25 years. . Surviving her are children in the Robertson
and Bridges families.  Betty was born on Mar 14, 1926 and died Jan 30, 2008.  She is buried at Cochrans Grove Cemetery, Windsor,