Through my research and the research of other Simpson family members I have been able to piece together
some of the early days of Fred L. Simpson (Fred H. Sustik adopted name) family beginnings.  Although some of
our findings do not totally coincide I believe this is the best rendition of the beginnings of my father's family on
the Simpson side.  

The earliest Simpson family member to American as can be ascertained is William Simpson, born in Antrim
Ireland 23 March 1800.  He eventually settled in the Kansas Missouri area.  He was married to Jane Mathews,
born Ireland in 1815.  William and Jane had 1 child, William Henry born July 1843 in Ireland.   William Sr.died 2
May  1873 at the age of 73.  He is buried at the Liberty Cemetery, Fayetteville, Johnson Missouri.  Jane died
about Sept 1877, Fayetteville, Johnson, Missouri at age 62.

Great Great Grandfather, William Simpson was born 1843 in Atrim Ireland  He served as Corporal in the
Second Kansas Battery, Light Artillery during the Civil War. From Aug 20,th 1862 to Aug 11 1865.  He was
promoted to Corporal Sept 10th 1862 and then to Sergeant.  He married Sara E, Neighbors who was born on
22 August 1844, Crossroads, Bedford Virginia. and died 31 Jan 1924, Barton, Missouri at age 79.   In 1880
they were living in La Cygne, Kansas.  They had the following children: (John
L. 1867 Missouri Great Grandfather), George  1868 Missouri, Jane 1870 Missouri, Wiliam 1875 Missouri, Minnie
1878 Missouri.

Great Grandparents:  John L Simpson was born in 1865 Boicourt Linn Kansas, and married Mary E.Davis on 25
Dec 1905, Fort Scott Bourbon Kansas. Mary E bares 7 children as: Frank S. 1897, Leo  - 1899, John 1902,
Theresa - 1904, Fred L. 1908 –  (Fred’s father), Leona M 1913, Edward A. 1916.

In 1896, John a laborer, and lives at 1215 East Pine. During 1898 John began working  for the KCFtS&MRR
Railroad. He, his father, and brothers George and William H. were living at 1024 East Wall Street. Fort Scott,
Through 1903 John is still working as  laborer, and living at 1211 East Pine Street. Fort Scott, Kansas.  By 1905
John working as a railroad car repair for the St. Louis and San Francisco Railroad, and that he has moved to
212 North Little, with his brother, William H.

In 1907, John  moved to 421 South Little. In  1909 John is working as a yard inspector for the St. Louis and San
Francisco Railroad, and that he has moved to 209 South Caldwell. By 1911, John is working as a rail car
inspector for the St. Louis and San Francisco Railroad, and  moved to 316 Andricks. In 1920 John is still
working for the San Francisco railroad, and moved to 801 South Little.

John L's mother’s obituary of 1925 indicates that John is still alive as of that date. In 1930 John has moved in
with his daughter Theresa and son-in-law, Harrell W. Dobbins in McCamey, Upton, Texas (West Texas, near

Mary E.’s obituary 1937 says that John lived in Detroit at the time. Mary Davis was born in Fort Scott, Bourbon,
Kansas, Mar 1888-died 19 Nov 1937 San Rafael California buried Fort Scott Kansas.  Her father was Asael B.
Davis born in Indiana, and her mother was Elizabeth Randal Blevins born 1853 in Illinois.

John died 15 Dec, 1944 at 84 yrs old, at his daughter Theresa Dobbins home in Tyler Texas.

Fred L. Simpson was born 1908, Ft Scott Kansas to John L. Simpson and wife Mary E. Davis.  Mary E. bore 7
children:  Frank (born 1897 Missouri)  Leo (born 1899 Missouri), John (born 1902 Missouri), Teresa (born 1904
Missouri), Fred L. (born 1908, Ft Scott, Kansas – Fred Sustik’s father), Leona M. (born 1913 Missouri), and
Edward A. (born 1916 Missouri).

Fred L Simpson married Eva Richetti (born 3 Sept, 1912, Davies, West Virginia) on May 5th, 1928.  Eva 16 and
Fred L. 20 yrs old.  the young couple lived at 913 N. Quincy Street, Topeka, Kansas. They lived beside the
Kansas River or Kaw which flowed through town. Fred L. Simpson was at age 21 years old worked at the Wolf
Meat Packing Company in Topeka.  Eva worked at the Morrell's Packing Company. Things were going well for
the young couple.  In September of 1928  Eva (Richetti) Simpson then 17 years old had become pregnant, and
on 3 June 1929, at the Stormont Hospital in Topeka, Kansas at 11:20pm, she delivered a baby boy. That baby
was named Fred Lawrence Simpson Jr after his father.  Young Fred would carry the name Junior with him for
almost all of his adult life.   Things were going great in a booming town, and booming times. Their prosperous
beginnings were short lived as things began to change for the worst.

In October 1929 the stock market crashed and the Great Depression was on. Eva and Fred fell on hard times.
On May 3rd, 1930 Eva filed for separate maintenance, a divorce seemed imminent however shortly thereafter
the case was dismissed. Almost immediately thereafter her husband Fred took off to California and parts
unknown. In her struggle to keep a roof over her head and her son's, Eva left her young son, Fred with a
woman that evidently knew Eva's mother in law,  Mary E. Simpson. Mary had stopped by several times and
checked up on her grandson, letting the woman know that if anything were to happen to young Fred, that she
wanted to be notified and that she would take care of him and raise him.

During that time there was an attempt made to find the whereabouts of Eva’s husband, Fred. In contacting the
boarding house where Eva had lived, the land lady had found an address to Fred. She had listed his address
as 227 1/2 East First Street, Los Angeles, California. The case workers had investigated this address through a
California agency, which had turned out to be a boarding house in China Town that contained mostly Orientals.
It had been later relayed by Clemantine (Richetti) Smalley, that Fred Simpson had been involved with heroin,
and opium.

According to an FBI  interview with Eva on October 1934 while incarcerated in Tyler, Texas she stated that her
husband   Fred had been killed in an automobile accident.  After researching,  this is the last  time frame of  
events that Fred Simpson is written about.  Sometime between November 1931 and October 1934 Fred was
apparently killed in an automobile accident (whereabouts unknown) and never written or heard of again.  

The truth surrounding Fred L. Simpson's life and death will remain a mystery.  The quest for my Father's Father
has come to a dead end, and ends here.  There are some things in life that are never meant to be known

Fred L. Simpson
Eva Richetti

married May 5th, 1928.