Fred H. Sustik (Fred L. Simpson Jr)
Fred H. Sustik Jr.  was born Fred Lawrence
Simpson Jr. at the Stormont Hospital in Topeka,
Kansas on 3 June 1929 to Eva Richetti Simpson,
and Fred Lawrence Simpson.
Fred L. Simpson Jr.
Fred H. Sustik Jr.

Son of
Fred & Eva (Richetti) Simpson

Adopted by:
Henry & Minnie (Richetti) Sustik

My Father grew up knowing his real mother as Aunt Eva,
her sister Minnie had adopted Fred and raised him. The
only story he knew as to why this all came about was the
story that Minnie had told him. Minnie had told him that
his real mother Eva didn't want him so she just dropped
him at the steps of the Children's Home.

This story along with the events of the families aftermath of the Kansas City Massacre affected my Father
throughout his entire life, he thought of it often and talked about it from time to time.

In my research I had discovered 1 letter that my Father had saved his entire life which he provided me concerning
adoption. There were only 2 clues, "The Topeka Agency", and "Mrs. Shirk" as administrator who wrote the letter.
That led me on a quest to find the adoption agency and secure his records if they existed. Once I found those
records this is the story of my Fathers mother and how he ended up in the Kansas Children's Service League
Home, and the story he never knew until he was 70 years old.

His mother Eva had been laid off from her job at Morrell's Meat Packing Plant in late November 1931. After her
husband Fred had abandoned her she had met another man. On Wednesday December 3, 1931 Eva had quit her
part time job at the drug store that day, and had told her boss that she was thinking of going to Springfield, Missouri
to see her brother and see whether he could advance her some money. Her boss described Eva as being quite
satisfactory when she had worked for him, but was quite slow and was unable to handle money correctly.

On Thursday, December 3, 1931 she left the rooming house with her little boy and never returned. She had left her
clothes behind and never paid a thing on her room.

On that day, December 3, 1931, Eva for the last time left young Fred with her friend saying that she found work on
the other side of town, and that she would be back by 7pm that evening. Eva never returned that evening. A few days
went by and Eva still had not returned. On December 3rd 1931 not long after she had left her son with her friend,
Eva had been arrested in Pittsburg, Oklahoma for robbery, forgery, car theft, and child abandonment. She was to
remain in jail under the National Motor Vehicle Theft Act, through February 1932. Her friend called the rooming
house where she knew Eva had been staying. The landlady there did not know Eva's whereabouts, however she
did know that her clothes were still there. Eva's friend went to the boarding house and acquired more clothes for
young Fred
Fred 2yrs old, Kansas
Children's Service League,
Orphanage December
16th 1931
Fred L. Simpson Jr
adoption photo, March

On December 16, 1931, Eva's friend tired of caring for young Fred contacted the Provident Association who in turn
contacted the Kansas Children's Home and Service League. The friend turned young Fred over to them with great
hesitation and felt that Eva needed to learn a lesson. Fred was then taken and cared for by the Kansas Children's
Service League Home,  while they checked into the situation. Eva never returned for her son. Eva was excited about
her brother's adventures and wanted to be apart of his life.  Eva had gone to Kansas City where she was arrested
for stealing a car and violation of the Mann Act.   What was about to transpire with by then, a little 3 year old boy, was
about to change his life as he had come to know it along with his older cousin, Jack Smalley who was Clementine
and Blackie's son. Adam Richetti was about to influence the course of history for these young children and other
family members through his cavalier actions as a gangster that would eventually affect many family members for
another generation to come.

By December 22, 1931 the family in Oklahoma and Ohio knew about Eva's situation and the whereabouts of her
son, Fred. A friend of the Richetti's from Oklahoma came to the office in Topeka. He had a letter from Mrs.
Clemantine Smalley, saying she wanted to raise young Fred, and did not want any of his father's family to get hold
of him, since she feared they would not treat him well. The friend had told the agency that Mrs. Smalley was living
with her second or third husband, had one child, and that they were living on compensation that her husband had
obtained as an ex-serviceman. He felt that they were in poor circumstances as far as finances were concerned,
and that Joe Richetti would be in the best interest in keeping Eva's son. He had always earned a good living and
though he had just one leg, was a good worker. His wife Betty was a former schoolteacher in Springfield at the time.
Fred eventually was adopted by Eva's sister, Minnie Richetti Sustik. This was the beginnings of young Fred's new life in
Ohio Fred grew up in Dillonvale, Ohio in a quiet little mining village of Jug Run. He attended school at Tiltonsville, where he
graduated from.   After graduation he was drafted into the US Army and served in the Korean Conflict. He achieve the rank of
Staff Seargant serving in the Army Corp of Engineers, and was  Honorably discharged at the end of the war.
Minnie Ricchetti Sustik and Fred 1952
Graduation 1947,
Tiltonsville, Ohio
Fred Lawrence Simpson, Jr
Fred & Jacqueline 6/20/1953
Fred & Jacqueline 6/20/1993
Fred returned to the local area of Dillonvale and Wintersville, Ohio. After his enlistment  his career began at Weirton Steel,
Weirton, W.Va.  He had been a pipefitter and worked his way up to foreman over the pipe gang.  Fred retired from Weirton
Steel after 35 years in 1984.  He married Jacqueline F Pfabe (b. Aug 15, 1932 - present) of Wintersville, Ohio on 20 June
1953, and raised 3 children, Fred S. Tracey F. and Lynda D.  Fred and Jacqueline were married for 51 years until his death.

At age 75 Fred died of heart failure Oct 20th 2004.  He had lived out his retirement years  in Wintersville, Ohio.  He spent
most of his time doing wood working and bass fishing.  Fred is buried at the Fort Steuben Cemetery.  He was the last of the
5th generation of Simpsons and the 3rd generation of Ricchetti's in America.

I was able to unlock the mystery of my fathers adoption and the true story of his abandonment before he had passed away
and put to rest a bitter resentment he had harboured his whole life.  I continued my quest to find out about the Simpson side
of the family but unfortunately failed to find the answers until after his death.  I truly believe that he would have been happy
with the answers found.

After his adoption and 80 years of no known contact I made contact with the
Simpson side of my fathers family, unfortunately
my efforts were too late to see my fathers reaction..
2 Moms, Eva, Minnie, and
young Fred.
Dolores Jean Collins
Fred's half sister 1954
b 9 June 1948,
Fred's half sister, Dolores Jean Collins Maddry was born 9 June 1948 and died 15 September 1986 at age 38. Dolores
married Mark Wayland Maddry born on 30 Sept 1948 and died on 11 November 1991 at age 43.   They were married on 24
September 1968 in Arlington, Tarrant County, Texas. Dolores struggled throughout her life eventually succumbing to an
addition to Heroin.