Clemantine "Marie" Richetti



L.C. "Blackie"
Clemantine "Marie" (Richetti) Smalley was born on 3 Jun 1901 in Freemont County,
Orckville, Colorado.   The oldest daughter to Bart and Elisabetta was to eventually
marry  L.C. “Blackie” Smalley a disabled veteran of World War I.    She had one son
named Jack.  Both Marie and Blackie living a very tough lifestyle enlisted the help of
Marie's parents Bartolomeo and Elisabetta in raising her son Jack.   Blackie and
Marie had lived just outside of Wewoka, Oklahoma in a little town called New Lima.   
Blackie and Marie lived a very meager existence eking out a living farming and doing
whatever was necessary to get by.   Blackie and Marie developed a relationship and
were close friends of the  George Birdwell family,  and with Choc Floyd's family.   
Blackie had assisted on several bank robberies with George and Charles from time
to time just to help make ends meet for his family.   Eva, Marie's youngest sister had
temporarily lived with Marie and Blackie after her failed marriage and loss of her
son.   When Adam had been released from Crown Point, Indiana he too had moved
in with Blackie and Marie while he had been on parole. It is there that Blackie and
Marie had introduced Adam and Eva to Charles Floyd and George Birdwell shortly
after his release from Crown Point in October 1930.  
Clemantine "Marie" Richetti Smalley
Just prior to March of 1932 Blackie and Marie had petitioned the courts to acquire Eva's only son Fred that had been placed in an
orphanage.  During the adoption proceedings the judge that had overseen the hearings disapproved their request based on the fact
that he considered the family to be destitute and unfit to raise young Fred.  

On Wednesday, 9 March 1932, at 2:30pm Adam, driving a Chevrolet Coupe along with Fred Hammer, a local ex sheriff and
supposed leader of this gang, along with Luther (Blackie) Smalley pulled up just across the street of the front door of the First
National Bank at Mill Creek, Sulpher, Oklahoma. Fred Hamner and Blackie walked across the street into the bank, as Adam awaited
outside with the engine running. Once Fred and Blackie had entered the bank they ordered everyone inside to lay down on the floor.
Fred and Blackie had gathered almost $830.00 dollars from the cashier drawers and vault, before the bank teller Vivian Dye could
sound the alarm and close the vault door. As the silent alarm went off one of the men fired shots into the vaulted door in anger,
which alerted more of the towns people. Both men ran from the bank, Fred carrying the satchel of money with Blackie right behind
him, only to be met by a hail of accurate shotgun and pistol fire by vigilant citizens.

These vigilantes were local citizens, they were armed to the teeth and ready for action. In the attempted shootout, and escape, Fred
dropped dead with a gunshot wound to the head. Blackie fell also being seriously wounded by a shot to the head. Blackie along
with Adam were held in the Sulpher Sanatorium where they recovered from gunshot wounds. Later they were transported to
McAlester Penitentiary.

On April 26, 1933 friends of Blackie and Adam;  Coleman Rickerson, Clarance Garatley, and Shine Rush robbed the bank at
Comanche, Oklahoma. Leaving one man in their parked sedan, two men entered the bank and held seven persons at gunpoint
while forcing the cashier to hand over two thousand dollars. After they had released five hostages, a posse man confronted them
and was wounded in the hip in the gunfight that ensued. Clarance Garatley, and Shine Rush rushed to  Blackie's  farm where they
hid out in a cabin at the back of the farm.

Three days later on April 29, 1933 local law enforcement officials aided by a tip raided Marie and Blackie's farm.  In ensuing  shoot
out, Clarence Garatley is captured however Coleman Rickerson was killed in an ensuing shootout  when he refused to surrender.  
Blackie, and Marie along with her younger sister Eva were arrested for harboring a criminal at a cabin behind their farmhouse.

Shortly thereafter on  3rd of June, 1933, Adam, his sister Marie, Charles and Ruby Floyd were  out for an afternoon joy ride.  Their
stolen car and joy ride was suddenly halted by a flat tire.  While they were attempting to replace the tire with the spare  3 Seminole
county deputy sheriffs drove by  doing a routine check.  Charles Floyd was asked  to identify himself which he did by reaching under
a blanket and pulling out a Thompson Submachine gun. He pointed the machine gun  at the deputy and told him to “Go to Hell'.   
The deputies took off back to Wewoka for reinforcements.

Adam and Charles ran away on foot, leaving Marie and Ruby with the car. Marie, and Ruby Floyd then poured gasoline on the car
and lit it on fire. By burning the car they destroyed any evidence, and finger prints that where there. The local law enforcement
officers returning to the scene and immediately arrested Marie and Ruby. Taking the two back to Wewoka, they further arrested
Bradley Floyd, Blackie Smalley, and Troy Keesee, the brother in law of State Representative C. L. Hill of Seminole County, who
owned the stolen automobile.

Immediately  thereafter  the Sheriff of Wewoka raided Marie and Blackie's house and confiscated a Thompson Submachine gun
and a 45 caliber pistol, along with several bottles of whisky. It was there that they arrested Marie's sister Eva once again.

All were jailed in Wewoka on June 3rd for stealing the car and bond was set at $2,000 each. After being interrogated they were all
released 5 June 1933. Later on Charles Floyd had written a letter to Sheriff Aldridge of Wewoka, which was hand delivered by
Blackie, and told them that if they did not return Blackie's guns that he would come after them. Nothing ever did transpire with the
exception of the sheriff sending back a message with Blackie telling them to come ahead. He had lived his whole life here and
wasn't leaving now. They could find him at the jail house.

As time went on Blackie found himself in prison once again for robbery.  On December 13th 1943 Blackie  while confined to the
Oklahoma State prison was working in the prison canteen during that afternoon when he was approached by 2 inmates,  Moses
Johnson and Stanley Steen.  Both inmates accosted Blackie and robbed the canteen of $30.00 and Blackie of his watch.  Blackie
reported the robbery to Sergeant Pat Riley at 3:15pm.  Sgt Riley located both suspects in the boiler room where they had worked.  As
he began to question them about the robbery, Moses Johnson hit Sgt Riley over the head with a pipe, then Stanley Steen stabbed
Sgt Riley about the face and back with a knife.  Leaving Sgt Riley on the floor to die, both inmates hurried to the prison canteen
where other inmates in the area realized what was going on and quickly exited the canteen.  Moses Johnson then confronted
Blackie and stabbed him with an ice pick killing him.  Shortly thereafter other prison guards arrested the two inmates in the canteen
but not in time to save Blackie Smalley.

Clemantine eventually remarried Jack Freer in early 1940.  Marie and Jack moved from Oklahoma and lived out their lives in
Steubenville, Ohio working for Wheeling Pittsburgh Steel. Jack died in 1967. Marie moved to California and lived out her life living
with her only child Jack Smalley and his wife Nina in San Diego, Ca.

Marie's son Jack had been raised by Bart and Elisabetta.  He eventually went on to join the Merchant Marines.  Afterwards he moved
to California living in San Diego.  He became an accomplished Trap and Skeet shooter eventually became a National Trap Shooting
Champion.  Jack cared for his mother until the end of her life.  

Marie had carried a heavy burden all her life knowing that she had been responsible for introducing her brother Adam to Charles
Floyd, and as a result he was put to death because of that introduction and association.  Marie died in Aug 1984 at 83 in Santa
Clara, California.