After hiding out and being protected in the Oklahoma area by family, and associates for almost 3 months
Floyd and Richetti make the decision in late September to leave.  They decide to meet up with Juanita
and Rose Baird in Toledo, Ohio where they are living at the Toledo Apartments on Cherry St.  Driving
an old Chevrolet they arrived at the apartment in Buffalo, NY.  They rented apartment 821 at the Amiantus
Apartments,  located on the second floor of the building at  8 18th St. and began unpacking their personal
belongings. Rose and Juanita notice that there is a machine gun and two automatic pistols unloaded
with the men's belongings.   The apartment lease runs from Sept 21st, 1933 thru Oct 21st, 1934, rent is
$45.00 a month. While living there both assume aliases, Adam's alias is Ed Brennan, and Charles alias is
George Sanders.  Rose assumed the alias as Rose Brennan, and Juanita's alias was
Mrs Juanita Sanders. Shortly after arriving they disposed of the Chevrolet and did not purchase another
vehicle.  All maintained a very low profile, no parties, company or visits from anyone. Both Floyd
and Richetti provided enough money so that Rose and Juanita managed the expenses and purchased
several subscriptions to magazine.  There was no phone or mail either in or out of the apartment, and
they spent a lot of time playing cards.   Floyd and Richetti stayed inside the apartment for the most part
only leaving a few times while there for several days and a couple of times for 2-3 weeks throughout the
year.  The area neighbors knew them as the mysterious couples.

During their stay Richetti was very quiet, often sitting or walking around the apartment with his head
down, barely ever speaking to the point it aggravated Rose and Juanita.  Rose and Adam had a
contentious relationshiip because of his demeanor.   Both Floyd and Richetti often said; "Do not ask any
questions" nor did they discuss the KC Massacre or any other things they may have done. We didn't have
much money and stayed in the apartment most of the time.   

In Oct of 1934 Floyd & Ricchetti are officially implicated in the Union Station Massacre.  Shortly
afterwards in the Buffalo local papers ran the story with Adam & Charles’ pictures. Once Floyd and
Richetti viewed the article both men were visibly shocked and stunned. After 13 months living in Buffalo
on Oct 18, and after they were implicated in the KC Massacre Floyd asked Rose and Juanita if they
wanted to go home and gave each of them some money. Rose and Juanita went to the Niagara Motor
Company and purchased a Ford Tudor Coach for $350, NY plate# 9E5318.  

The next day, October 19th late that evening they packed up the car and left Buffalo.  Richetti drove out
of New York with Rose riding in the front seat and Floyd holding the machine gun with Juanita in the back
seat.  Both Richetti and Floyd traded off driving from time to time. About 3 hours after leaving Buffalo it
became very foggy, Floyd was driving at the time while Richetti was in the back seat, and we hit a
telephone pole.  Floyd asked the sisters to go and get the car fixed and come back for us.  Rose stayed
with the car as Juanita went for a wrecker.  The wrecker pulled us in to East Liverpool, Oh.    

Shortly thereafter both Floyd and Richetti were approached by the local law and a shootout began.
Buffalo NY Hideout