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Original spelling
Original spelling
Welcome, my name is Fred Sustik.   I have invested a little over 20 years in researching as much detail as I could find into the
beginnings of our family and their experiences as the first immigrants to America.   Here, you will find the vast majority of this
website concerns that research into a unique part of my family history and genealogy. I had grown up in a very distinctive family.  
There were many stories of the mid west, Oklahoma and how hard life was.  More fascinating to a young boy were the stories of
guns and gangsters.  These were some of the stories I lived with my whole life and remember them like it was yesterday.  One of
those stories involved my father

In my search to uncover some answers about my father's real mother and father during his abandonment in 1929 I uncovered
vast amounts of detailed family history in a far greater aspect than I or other family members had ever known or imagined.  That
history was printed in the newspapers across the country during the 1930's.  Thanks to the many researchers and the multitude
of books that have been written I have further discovered a great deal of additional history concerning my family and their
involvement with Charles "Pretty Boy" Floyd.

Please take the time to explore this extensive website.  Send your questions or comments to me at:

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